Ongoing Classes

Finally! Not just a one or two hour project, now the kids can learn the detailed instruction to make some incrdible projects.  Each class focusses on the end result, tecniques and some require independent research.

Creative Classes


Painting On Canvas, Paints and tools provided.  All supplies included, 2 hour class, Minimum of 7 paricipants,

Projects very seasonal / holiday themes $14

Vision Board ~ Collage Art

Making Vision Board Collages (All ages) Must be able to use scissors. All Supplies included. 2 hours class, minimum 7 participants. $14

Adobe Illustator

If you are interested in graphic art, creating illustrations on the computer, vector art, or learning to draw anything utilizing Adobe Illustrator and need to learn beginner tips and tricks, this is the class for you. Will require personal laptop. Illustrator is available for one month free trial on Cloud. This class is for 9th graders and older.  4 Classes, 2 hours each, $200.00 Minimum of 3 participants

Mosaic in the Garden

Create your own tesserae and make your garden spectacular.  Cinderblocks, bricks, garden stepping stones, gazing ball and other fun projects.  We will start with a block of clay and create personalized tidvits to utilize in our designs.  All clay, molds, paints, glazes, firing and grout provided.  6 classes, 2 hours each, $145.oo. $10.00 supply fee. Minimum of 4 participants

Summer Camps

We can provide an on site Art/Eco Camp with whatever hours you would like.  Obviously, we come out for field trips, but some parents and their children want a LOT more art!  Please contact us for particulars!

Clay Classes

All Clay, firing, glazes and tools are included. Classes 1.5 to 2 hours long.  Age/skill appropriate projects assigned.  Participants work at their own pace once baechniques are mastered.  We offer a flexible schedule.  Please add $10.00 if kiln is not available on premises.em how to transform

Clay Classes

Working with clay helps children develop coordination, concentration, and teaches them how to transform ideas into creative expression.  A variety of techniques will be explored in this on going class. The end projects will be fun, functional and fantastic.  Minimum of 3 classes required, can be on – going.  $20 per session, with $60 being the minimum for 3 weeks.

Clay Slip Casting

Introduction to specific projects with amazing results. Slip Casting is a method of reproducing a piece with consistent results.   From liquid clay, a project will be formed, cleaned, fired, painted, glazed and fired.  Minimum of 4 classes required, can be on – going.  $20 per session, with $60 being the minimum for 3 weeks.

Fairy Garden

Participants will utilize clay to create the large garden dish and the decorative pieces. Glass Fusion, mosaics, stones, grouting arejust a few of the techniques we will explore in the mixed media project.  The final piece will have plants, fairy garden embellishments and will become a wonderful showpiece of your home.  $200, 8 week class, 2 hour sessions. Supply fee: $20