Pottery Painting

$7.00 Projects

Design your own syllabus by mixing or matching any of these projects to align with you themes.

Prices include inventory, paints, glazes, firing and delivery back to your facility.


Ornaments: Sack Monkey, Owl or Hello Kitty

Figurines: Owl, Kitty or Dog

Tile: Mini Dry Erase Board

Other: Personal Paint Palette


Ornaments: Hearts, Heart with Wings or Beaded Bird / Heart

Figurines: Lion, Hippo or Dinosour

Tiles: Draw and Paint a Valentine’s

Other: Heart Ring Holder


Ornaments: Lucky Charm, Pot O’ Gold or Farm Animal

Figurines: Small Bowl Sheep

Tile: Draw and Paint Baa Baa Black Sheep

Other: Paint a Scrubblie Bowl for the Kitchen


Ornaments: Egg, Bunny, Cross, Spring Flowers, Rabbit or Peeps

Figurines: Bunny, Egg or Ducky

Tile: Draw and Paint a Dry Erase Game Board

Other: Paint a couple of Garden Stakes


Ornaments: Grill, Blue Ribbon, Tie, Race Car, Tractor, Train, Caboose, Tow Truck, Sail Boat, Ship, Airplane, VW Bug

Gnome, Graduation Diploma or Caps

Figurens: Safari Animals, Monkey, Elephant or Toucan

Other: #1 Dad Change Bowl


Ornaments: Bumblebees, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Snail, Worm, Catepillar, Lady Bug, Stars or Rocket

Figurines: Dragonfly, Butterfly, Snail or Ladybug

Tile: Draw and Paint a Fairy, Butterfly and Doodle Bug


Ornaments: Beach Items, Pirates or Parrots

Figurines: Sea star, Sea Shells, Fish or Mermaid

Tile: Draw and Paint a Mermaid

Other: Fishie Toothpick Holder


Ornaments: Tee Pee, Canoe, Cactus, Cowboy Hat, Feather, Football or Football Helmet

Figurines: Sea Star, Sea Sells, Fish or Mermaid

Tile: Draw and Paint a Mermaid

Other: Fishie Toothpick Holder


Ornaments: Witch, Cauldron, Spider, Frankenstein, Skull, Brooms, Cats, Bats or Pumpkins

Figurines: Pumpkin Faces, Small Pumkin Bowl

Tile: Draw and Paint Withc’s Boot, Handprint Spider

Other: Halloween Mini Dish


Ornaments: Judiac Shapes, Turkey Dreidel, Menorrah, Apples or Leaves

Figurines: Hedgehog or Toothpick Holder

Tile: Draw and Paint a Minorrah, Turkey Handprint

Other: Mezuzah or Holiday Votive


Ornaments: Candy Cane, Tree, Wreath, Snowman, Santa Boot, Judiac Shapes, Angel, Traditional Ornament Shapes or Holly Leaf

Figurines: Santa Boot, Snowman, Votive or Angel

Tile: Draw and Paint a Fingerprint Wreath or Tree

Other: Santa Toothpick Holders or Round Ornament


 $14.00 Projects


Star Box ~ Star Bowl ~ Ice Cream Sundae Bowl ~ Lighthouse Salt & Pepper ~ Flip Flop Box ~ Fish Dish


Frog Scrubbie Holder ~ Coasters Set ~ Watermelon Bowl ~ Skull or Pirate Mug ~ Fairy Door ~ Toad House


Bank ~ Football Salt / Pepper Shakers ~ Leaf Bowl ~ Grandparents Garden Stone ~ “I Love Grandpa / ma ” Mug ~ Soup Mug ~ Commumion Goblet


Halloween Project ~ Pumpkin Bowl, Plate or Box ~ Skull ~ Skull Mug ~ Tee Pee & Canoe ~ Scary Cupcake Boxes ~ Cute Zombie Mug ~ Halloween Wind Chime Set ~ Baby Doll Skull Plate or Bank ~ Boy’s Skull Plate or Bank ~ Apple Wind Chimes ~ Day of the Dead Skull


($16) Turkey Handpring Plate ~ Seder Plate ~ Spoon Rest ~ Judaic Step Stone ~ Driedel Box ~ ($17) Menorah or Seder Plate ~ Leaf Bowl ~ Owl / Kitty / Elephant ~ Fine Art Tile


Nativity Set (4 Pieces) ~ Gift Box ~ Ornaments ~ Mistle “toes” Plate ~ Reindeer Snack Plate ~ Holiday Figurines ~ ” Frozen” Box ~ Finger print Mug ~ ($16) Handprint Reindeer or Mistle “toes” Plate


6” Tile, Personalized Paint Palette, 5” – 6” Frame (no glass), small bowls or plates…..and many more!

$14 Projects

Kid Cups, Kid Bowl, Snack Plate, Boxes, Animal Planter, Piggy Bank and Many More!

$14 Projects

Sundae Bowl, Mug, Rice Bowl, Salad Plate, Bud Vase/Heart Pendant, 8” Tile, Frame (with glass/backing), Asst Spoon Rests, Tee Pee/Canoe, Boxes, Banks, SOOO many to choose from!

$14 Projects

Remember that we can THEME any idea

From Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to Native Americans Teepees and Canoes!  Just give us a call and we can figure out a fun project in your budget.  Every holiday, every month, we have some great and fun projects.  We are also your last minute field trip…just call!